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The Copyright Sets

Set 1

GOTO Gifs Page (Epilepsy Warning, and large images)

Intentions with Images

A common goal of my image creation is to mis-use software and hardware. Even though I have put a pencil onto paper many times, and have poured many hours into MS Paint, I have never learned how to properly read image editors! I still manage to draw and create decently, even if I don't think I'll understand how analog/digital artists normally do it. In 2012 I, without knowing what I was doing and before I knew /anything/ about art, started making edits of Clickteam klip art in games, doodled out of boredom, and experimented with noisy glitch art creation for the fun of it, by slamming on random keys trying to produce coherency. Now, many of my images are produced by me pushing strange corners of programs and machines, and not knowing how to do something right but smashing on ahead anyhow. What I care about doing is creating graphics that are, if not pleasent, interesting enough to watch to, especially for me. PS: click on any and all images for fullsize, and the ability to view them in a sterile enviroment.

G;litch e ed _rt

A small sample is below, as most of my glitch art falls into the gifs page, which has an epilepsy warning on many of the images.

A shifting landscape of bizarre quilt like patterns overlaid itself and off-centered.


For your convenience we have made it easy to register your new copy of.


Maker painting from about grade 5!

a fierce bunny stands proud on her weird feet on top of spiky grass while a hill and a mountain dominate the landscape, and a ink-blotted sun hangs around with some clouds.

I drew this in around grade 5, possibly grade 6, or even grade 4. I'm not really sure. It is one of the very, very few things I actually drew to completion, and I'm very glad to still have it! I think it dates from around the time an art teacher told me that a drawing isn't finished if it has any whitespace. "Teaching" like that is what stopped me from continuing art.

Sometimes I like to make doodles!

Below for a while, is a selection of my own lil doodles ()

Multiply-traced witch like figures, constantly re-arranged and reformed everytime, make up the 'bases' of the image. Covering almost every nook and cranny are figures ranging from a toothcomb crocodile, dog orb, a prancing water alien, a contented pony, and much more.


Two snake sticks wind around from the right to the left and snarl, above a tiny car.

Two stick snakes

Visible: a lamp, yelling, thick heel boot, flag, hairy invisible being, chomped, pleased M, and more.

Various figures

Trisection of some creature piloting a spaceship of a sort, a turtle hanging off of a ledge and wearing clumpy boots, and three very different characters hanging about.

sprawl, turtle boots, and an alien

The brain is the center of all. Many have pierced the murky depths of the creaking lair, but few can withstand the endless trudgery of the one-path maze.The Robo Minion has extendable legs and arms, and multi-faceted claws: one hand is a grappling implment, the other is razor sharp on the thumb.

The Brain, and their robo minion

Various larger forms, many of them beastly faces or unsensical polygons, filled around with constant re-drawings of a few simple patterns.


Ideas in a for-once spaced out page, including a cute fox, mis-shaped word tracing, a freaked out toaster, and a radioactive orb.

also Untitled

A dangerous hyper-rat suspended by the snout.

The Rat

Several forms, very curvy with most featuring eyes and lacking body features.

These are from 2004, so I would've been like ten when I made them! As far as I remember, they are some of my first doodles, but unfortunately some of my last until recent. Like with my marker painting a year after these, I was given no urge to continue and felt bad for my process, like I was doing something wrong. That is how my art teachers taught me and it left a bad burn. Regardless, my approach and flow in drawing should be quite evident by comparing these figures to my current attempts!

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The Copyright Sets

Below you will find my series of sets of doodles, collectively titled 'The Copyright Sets' because they are drawn on the backs of scanned pages of a no-longer running magazine that nobody cares about anymore and is only avaiable beyond the academic barrier.

Set 1

The main feature here is the 'painting', with a staircase turning into a ghost and a moose amid swirls grouping in the corner. A signature and title can be seen in a certainly non-English script.

Modern Art Exhibit, And More

Mainly here is the mentioned Big White Apple, as well as it's opposite: the void, zero.

The Big White Apple

Gathering around to understand the meaning of the Title are a multi-layered translucent robot, a cane holding sheep girl, a bunch of grapes with a long pony tail, and a broken off state. Rejected from understanding the meaning of the Title are a stack of hippo wizards and their trailing hats, a gathering of pyramids, a squiggly T, and a maze.

Title Part 1 + Title Part 2

The 'Portrait', humourously, consists of a single squiggle, with an even smaller signage for the signature. The main attention is a series of wavy circles, connected in strong patches.

The Portrait

This image shows the evolution of a single drawing, re-drawn again and again, creating something new every time.


Many faces and angles hove around, off-balanced triangles and skulls and cows.


Cosmic explosions whirl in conflicting paths, breaking out of their defined borders. Cryptic Clouds of crooked cookies, a grumpy face, bunchs of bananas.

(mini doodles) Burst + Cyptic + Ham Sandwich

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