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Sometimes I like to go around with my camera and snap endless pictures of whatever I think is interesting at the moment! I have no intention other than to take pics of things that are pretty, or look weird, or are funny in some way. Below are grabbing pictures from most of my photosets on Flickr- maybe you will be pleased to look at more! You can click on any of the featured photographs (the only ones with descriptions) to go directly to that one, too!

Photography Sections

Light Scribbles

October 2013, Trip

Two Car Rides

Desert Photos


Broken, Reformed Ice Shards

Icy River (2011)

Textures And Colours

Mostly Sky

Humourousist Photography

Photos Nobody Else Would Take


Light Scribbles

a flurry of action blurring over everything a series of roots of light all in the same form a pleasent mix of patterns of light on a diffused background some kind of structure, repeated on itself

Released alongside Even Greater Hits 2010-2016 is this collection of what I call "light scribble" photography, collected over a period of several years, just like the respective album. It may be obvious what my "technique" is from the title and the resultant imagery, but I do not mean to reserve it for myself. Simply point a camera at a source of light, press whatever button to snap a photo, and then rapidly shake it around. The exposure time on any camera should be sufficient to produce something as seen here!

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Trip (October 2013)

Endless pay-per-use baggage carts lined up on a money-sucking track below an art installation of red, slanted-surface rectangles. A groddy elevator decorated with artistic re-interpretations of common furniture.
Terrifyingly orange hallway, sparsely lit. WIIIIIINK - a fox A water- or magic-fall outside a restaurant.

Many photos from mind-numbing airports, some arent.

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Two Car Rides

A possibly still train, blocked by a bush and telephone wires, with a faded mountain in the background. Oops, a reflection in the window from the sunlight is in front of this distanced shot of an actually quite large bridge!
Foreground (a sharp curve in the road); middleground (outcropping of a mountain); background (distant, incomprehensible, overpowering mountain). A red balloon-like objet suspended on a wire, in front of an expansive sky, peckered with clouds.
A road rail zooms by, and in the distance multiple mountains, progressively further and more faded, can be seen, all underneath telephone wires.! The conclusion: a 'group' of cacti, hanging out under an endless cross-crissing of wires.

Mixed photos from two rides of me in the back of a car.

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Only recently have I realized that the dome like object on the other side of a post-modern house is, most likely, a further away hot air balloon. Two metal-carved dogs steal the focus.
    A keen eye will reveal that this shot is through a rapidly passed fence, showing a mostly barren hill.

Some photos I find nice.

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Birds + Buildings

Where are the birds? Not here. Today, their footprints rule the photoscape. A building seeming to be shooting a beam.


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Ice Shards + Snowflakes

Cut-up frames of ice. Close up of fragmentary ice pieces.
Night descends over the bridge. Snow falls, light reflects off it.

I came across some amazingly shaped ice bits that must have been repeatedly broken and re-frozen! On the same night walk, I had some fun with capturing snowflake reflections. Check both sections out!

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Icy River

Expansive shot of a bridge crossing a very large patch of ice- close to the foreground, it is weak and watery.
From the above bridge, the other side of the ice is seen. It has some lumps of air bubbles trapped in sections, as well as what appears to be flowing mini-rivers under it in others, but it is strong and solid.

A nearby river, frozen over by harsh cold.

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Textures + Colours

bumpy, light green, bubbly dark green with sharp lines of white and yellow
a road quickly passing by spotty red blotch turning to white

Bumps and Hues

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Photos Featuring A Lot Of Sky

light blue sky
darker sky with reflections a pointy tower shoots out of the ground, as a distant moon watches over the scene, bottomed out with grass

What it says above!

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Despite a high tide about to over-run the road, a Doritos-packed trucker rushes to make the highly important delivery on time. NO MOW! shouts the sign placed by a neighbour.

Funny(?) photos I have taken of various things.

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Photos That I Think Nobody Else Would Have Taken

Some weird buildings I accidentally took a picture of at a stupid angle.
Three bunnies in the middle of the road at night. The moon, except all wavy and messed up.

A collection of some otherwise misc. photos of mine, which I would assume most people wouldn't want to have been the photographer of.

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A closed up shop, with part of the outer wall falling off on the right side, and boards covering up all of the left side and most of the entrance door. The ruins of a building being demolished.

Photos which didn't really fit in another set!

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