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About Me

As it says in the infinite-scrolling block above, I am a queer dingo who produces play, necessitates noise, talks text, presses pens, and clicks cameras! You can find downloads, links, posts, scans, and embeds for all of the above, respectively and with much respect.

Should you wish to contact me, you can scroll down to my Twitter profile where I can always be publicly reached, or (if that is not suitable for any reason that I'd readily agree with) you can email me at skirtdingo@gmail.com !!

Also, you might be interested in my sister site Gator Bride Music!

Did you know? You can navigate to this webpage by http://nikkibee.recurse.com/!

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April 15, 2018: Clear the dust off of your monitor, and boot up VG2! That is, a short parody of it: Vegetable Grower 2! Phew.

September 5, 2017: Update time!! One of my music aliases has been renamed to Qube (pronounced like "cube"). If you've purchased an album with them in the past, please re-download it from Bandcamp. Note that this includes "Music Not From...", which has a catalog of my albums as a bonus item. If you purchased an album in the past and are unable to re-download it, please email me. Thank you!

August 20, 2017: Surprising many, here is the semi-sequel/remake to a never-truly realized classic from three years ago! Enjoy World Of Explore Pro Edition, whether you've seen the original, or not!

April 26, 2017: What The! Could it be? A new game! Yes! A very enthusiastic one, obviously. Check it out here!!

March 18, 2017: Gee, been quiet for a while... Well, I just updated as many links as possible to use HTTPS instead of HTTP. If anything is broken, or could be HTTPS and isn't, please let me know! Also, many sections that I haven't looked at in a long time have been slightly rewritten. Enjoy!

January 07, 2017: Happy new year! Celebrate it with a game great for the season: Scramble The Eggnog! Can you guess what it's a remake of?

May 07, 2016: New photo album, the first in a long time! It goes along with the new music album. View it through here.

May 06, 2016: A new album?! Yes! Even Greater Hits 2010-2016 is here! You can read more about it here.

December 06, 2015: New game?? One with 100 levels? Wow! It has been quite a while...

June 14, 2015: Woah! Lots on the plate today. Sister site Gator Bride Music has been unveiled, which pertains to the next items. Music Not From... has been released, two weeks after the fact, as a follow-up to Music From...! Also, to be found on that website are a Pamphlet and Catalog detailing my own record label, as well as four large essays on creation. Good stuff!

March 29, 2015: Two Journal Entries On My Time At Recurse Center: what I've been doing since January.

January 08, 2015: New Big Game!: my most in depth yet.

November 23, 2014: New Mixtape! Peer partway into the page as it is unlinked.

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